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KL Fountain

Night shot from mall and food court area KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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KLCC Twin Towers

KLCC Twin Towers night shot and skyline

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Melaka Boat Rides

Melaka Boat Rides, night cruises and VIP tours

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Graduation Day!

Graduation for cadets at Malaysian Maritime Academy

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The United Nations Sustainable Develo...

UN 2030 Goals

NL55 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by Iman Fiqrie@William E Hamilton, Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy eems a bit odd to be talking about sustainable development in a maritime article doesn’t it? Actually, not really—just the same, many global citizens and mariners may need to do a little soul searching, rethinking and strengthening of their […]

Work Life Balance


NL55 Work-Life Balance by Capt Sivanandan  

Asia Maritime Accident Report 2015

Marina Baru 2B

NL55 Asia Accident Report 2015 by Capt Francis Lansakara FNI LLM (specialist maritime law)

The Problem with Maritime Shipping To...

OSV Sunset

NL 54 The Problem with Maritime Shipping Today!

The Payment Pebble and Payment Pebble...

The Payment Pebble and Payment Pebble Handset

NL 54 Technical Highlight The Payment Pebble and Payment Pebble Handset by Iman Fiqrie @ William E Hamilton

Invigilator: An Unappreciated and Dim...

Invigilator: An Unappreciated and Diminishing Role

NL 54 Invigilator: AN Unappreciated and Diminishing Role        

Marine Simulators – A Brief Des...

Marine Engineering Simulators

NL 53 Marine Simulators – A Brief Description    

What is Competence and or Competency?


NL 53 What is Competence and or Competency? By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD

Training not Required!

Computer Based Training

NL 53 HIGHLIGHT by Iman Fiqrie

Maritime Labor Convention 2006


NL 53 Maritime Labor Convention 2006               ome points to avoid getting a non conformity or an observation during inspection. 1. These days the authorities are very keen on checking Excel sheets recording the hours of work and hours of rest. We must take into account provisions of STCW 2010 […]

Costa Concordia Accident: Passenger a...

Costa Concordia

NL 53 Costa Concordia Accident:Passenger and Cruise Liner The notice of claim to the cruise Liner to be made within 6 months from the date of accident, those intend to file suits need to be done lesser than one year from the date of accident and service of notice to a Cruise Liner to be […]

GlobalMET and The Living Blue Planet ...

Blue Planet Bon Fire

NL 52 GlobalMet and the Living Blue Planet 2015 Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy   Shrinking Lyell Glacier, Yosemite National Park. Source U.S. National Park Service, 1883 photo: USGS/Israel Russell. 2015 photos: NPS/Keenan Takahashi   “Living Blue Planet Report 2015.” World Wildlife Fund, 15 Sept. 2015. Web. 6 Dec. 2015. <>. Vaughan, Adam. “Prince Charles Opens […]

The Key to Success for Engineers – Pa...

NL 47 Incinerator

NL 52 Continuation from NL 51 The Keys to Success for Engineers – Part 2   Chief Engineer Mahendra Singh

Common Classroom Problems when Teachi...


NL 52 Common Classroom Problems  

Loss of Ship El Faro – Time Lin...

El Faro Buoy

NL 52 Loss of ship El Faro   Master Mariner. LLM (London) specialist in shipping law  

Comments from Dr Swapan Das Sarma, Gl...

Comments from Dr Swapan Das Sarma, GlobalMET Director

NL 52 Swapan Das Sarma, Ph.D. President, American Digital University, Inc.

Multicultural Education is Important ...

NL 51 MultiCultural

NL 51 Multi-Cultural Education by Capt Sivanandan Vivekanadan Senior Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy

Make Yourself Comfortable with the &#...


NL 51 the “F” Word by Capt M H Hamzah, Senior Lecturer Advanced Nautical Studies, Malaysian Maritime Academy

UK Chamber: Yachts Need Professional ...

NL 51 UK Chamber

NL 51 UK Chamber  

GlobalMET-TKF Continuing Professional...


NL 50 CBETA by Capt Richard Teo

Can Company Strategies Enhance Compet...

Can Company Strategies Enhance Competence?

NL 50 Capt Pradeep Chawla Immediate Past Chairman, GlobalMET

SeaTALK: Meeting Obligations by Setti...

SeaTALK Image

NL 50 by Clive Cole, Associate Proessor, Director ESS Programs Hon Sec International Maritime Lecturers Association Vice Chair IMLA-IMEC, World Maritime University  

Globalmetblog Online Training Target ...

Globalmetblog Online Training Target Market Analysis Form

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NL 50 ENGINE ROOM SIMULATOR TRAINING – The Sharing of ALAM’s Experience. By: Mr. Gan Boon Song Senior Lecturer ALAM.   Engine Room Simulator Malaysia Maritime Academy (MMA), more commonly known by Malaysians as ALAM or Academi Laut [sea] Malaysia, was first establish as Malaysian Training and Education for Seaman (MATES) Foundation about 1977. It […]

Port Calls Cause Stress, Says Seafare...

Port Calls Cause Stress, Says Seafarer Survey

NL 50 Namrata Nadkami Crewtoo Sometimes life is simpler staying on board Port Calls Cause Stress Seafarers sometimes dread port calls because of the increase in workload caused by the many audits and inspections when a ship is in dock, according to the second Seafarers Happiness Index report compiled and published by Crewtoo, the online […]


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